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Keep Fresh in the Kitchen

It’s only human to get tired of things, activities, environmental surroundings, people…(half-kidding) but when it comes to your home, it’s important to note what you can do and change for a reasonable cost and effort versus what is better left alone. Keeping this in mind before purchasing or building a home is the best strategy, but often, our tastes change so frequently or with every season, that even the smallest changes to spaces we see every day in our home, like our kitchen, can make a huge difference. A little pop of color, a change to the back-splash, or changes in lighting can make just the impact you’re craving without causing a huge mess, costing a fortune, or giving you a headache.

The One-Year Countdown

Timelines can be helpful, worrisome, or tedious…or perhaps all of the above! When it comes to buying a home, it’s helpful to have a timeline on which you can base your progress on. If you’re a first-time home-buyer, this year-out timeline may be even more helpful, giving you suggestions on down payment plans, budgeting, creating a priority list in a potential home, and researching Realtors and Loan Officers to help you get the job done efficiently and properly. Thinking ahead can ensure that you don’t miss anything along the way like effectively researching neighborhoods and budgeting for new miscellaneous home expenses. Being prepared in an organized and stress-free manner by using a timeline can make the home-buying and home searching process much more fun and ultimately, successful. 

The Great Outdoors

Remodeling is quite the buzz these days. Everyone seems to be giving their home a little facelift, whether it’s in the kitchen, the guest bath, or in the Master bedroom. While staying on top of home maintenance and preserving your home’s value with indoor remodeling updates is certainly a worthwhile investment, it’s important to consider the updates you can do on the exterior of your home, too. According to the 2016 Remodeling Impact Report, outdoor remodeling projects not only offer some of the highest returns at resale, but they can also increase the happiness of home owners who are staying put in their homes. Projects like upgrading your landscape, adding an outdoor fireplace, or replacing or re-staining your wood deck can all add value while keeping you, as the homeowner, happy on a daily basis.
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